You want to become
PMP(R) certified in about 10-30 days

Project Management, PMP® Certification Training:

Many people come to class with Exam approval. If this is you, these study guidelines are good for you too; however, this page is also for those who need the 35 hours of project management also - for those who go from zero training to passing in about 10 days to a few weeks. On the last day of class PMI® will accept the 35 hours of training, so you can report your 35 hours of SmartPath LLC's training as mentioned below by submitting your Exam application.

How is it possible to go from zero training to passing within about 10 to 30 days or so?

Factors that can influence your preparation time:

a. Studying the materials every night after class, and even during your lunch hour if you can. Some things need practice. Follow your study guidelines that are in your pmWorkbook exactly. The Online Quizzes are designed to increase your learning, and your speed and accuracy in answering the questions in the PMP Exam. Your Subscription is free for up to 30 days and extensions are available for a nominal fee. All answers / reasoning are provided for all questions.

b. If you are in a weekend class, make sure you take every opportunity to do this learning in the lunch hour at work, at night during the week, and on an available weekend.

c. You need to consider that it may take 5 to 6 days for exam approval after training, and if you have been selected for audit, another 10 days or more after your package has been received.

d. Leave behind you any preconceived notions of what is right or wrong as this exam is all about choosing the best answers. Put on your PMI "hat" when you walk into the training room. The trainees who have the toughest struggle are those who want to fight over the concepts or who think what they know is important. Your experience only counts for exam approval. It won't help you much in the exam unless you practice your profession according to best practices. The concepts are the concepts. Just accept them. What you might get in the Exam is important. So try to be humble for the 4 to 5 training days, so everyone in class can learn, including yourself. Hearing yourself talk about opposing views will only reinforce those in your mind and the minds of those who are listening. However, it will hurt yourself the most.

e. Learnall the formulas and practice all questions where you might have math. These are found throughout your materials and in Quiz D. Don't take the Exam if you have not done all quiz practice.

f. If you listened a lot throughout the training it is possible that you understand most of the concepts. If you spent most of your time writing notes, you probably did not get all of the concepts because you cannot write and listen too. If you are the type of person who needs to write a lot, then resit once or twice more so you hear everything throughout the training - either by resitting onsite or online. While everything is in your book, the Instructor's examples or stories will stick with you.

g. See the roadmap on how you will learn. It's in your book.

What if you studied but you are not comfortable with your knowledge as yet? Do not schedule your Exam or reschedule it if you have a date already. You must do this 3 business days before or more so you don't get an automatic "fail." Check with your local Prometric office. The day of your test does not count as 1 day. It is a zero day. If you waited too long, then by all means take your exam. You may do better than you think. If you didn't plan properly, it is always best to study more and think about a resitting opportunity. Email and let her know you need some upcoming week day training or weekend schedules. Don't forget to put your last name on the email you send as there are a lot of people with the same first name.

What if you have a lot of knowledge gaps? This means you do not have experience doing most of the processes, and your exposure to the terminology is limited; therefore you need to take the time to familiarize yourself more with the materials. If you are proactive you will do this by do the quizzes because they increase your learning. It may also be more difficult for you to visualize how it would be done. Luckily, you are taking SmartPath LLC's training which follows real-life process sequences from start to finish as you progress through the training. Not all PMP Certification training gives you this project management view. Study hard, resit as often as you need to, onsite or online using your computer, and the unfamiliar areas will become familiar to you. Most people who have gaps only need to resit once but some people need more time. Some don't need to resit at all because they are quick learners and they follow the recommended practice. All of the training is Live and Instructor Led for all 4 days.

Passing is the objective. If it takes a few days or few weeks more, don't worry about. Our take on it is, why pay for the PMP Exam twice. It is not necessary if you are well-prepared.

Note: Some people need more time to pass the exam, because either they are slower learners, they are looking for a job, they have a huge work load or many family obligations, or life just got in their way. That is why resitting is so important, in order to refresh your knowledge.
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