For SmartPath LLC's Current or <br>Former 2 or 3 Day PMI-ACP(R)<br> Trainees Only - PMI-ACP Online Quiz Subscription, Extension 15 days

For SmartPath LLC's Current or
Former 2 or 3 Day PMI-ACP(R)
Trainees Only - PMI-ACP Online Quiz Subscription, Extension 15 days

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PMI-ACP® Quiz Online Training Subscription Extension is for 15 days. This is an extension of time for SmartPath LLC trainees to practice these quizzes for up to another 15 days. All practice for any quiz is as often as you wish during your purchase period. The option for online quiz practice will end on 4-5-2020. Please call Nereda Haque, PMP at 360-584-8614 or email her at if you have any questions.

All quizzes will be set up and activated within 24 hours or less of your purchase or according to your start date request in the comments' box. You will know that your practice has started when you receive the activated quiz links.

SmartPath LLC is aware of psychometric testing and how to prepare trainees to pick the correct answers. Most trainees will use their computers to participate in the Online Quiz practice; those who have appropriate apps are also doing the quizzes using cellphones or other devices.

The PMI-ACP Quiz Practice: Approximately 200 questions are in SmartPath LLC's Agile Workbook & these are also online, giving you 800 questions online for quiz practice. Online practice is recommended for interactive and simulated study. Each question is a learning experience.

The intent of the PMI-Agile training is that you will take your Exam within 30 days or sooner. Most people have taken the Exam before 15 days.

Quiz questions:

See the above attached quiz list. Click on it and do a Control P to print it.

Please understand that these are mock questions. There is no such thing as REAL PMI-ACP Exam questions for you to practice. Understanding your knowledge and being able to apply it is what this exam is all about.

These questions are all copyrighted and represent SmartPath LLC's original works. These questions are for individuals seeking to understand Agile so they can pass the exam. They are not to be used for commercial purposes or re-sale.
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