PMP® Certification Weekends - Why SmartPath LLC offers weekend training?

PMP® Certification Weekends - Why SmartPath LLC offers weekend training?
PMP® Certification Weekends - Why SmartPath LLC offers weekend training? Simple: It keeps more money in your pocket. Even if you take a week day class, if you really need to re-sit a class, you can't take time of work again, but you can find a weekend class or even attend our one hour study group sessions. Updates 11-13-2020.

SmartPath LLC Badge: SmartPath LLC is a PMI(R) Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P) .

Instructor: Mo Haque, MSEE, PMP PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP. PMI(R) Authorized Partner Instructor Qualifications:Verify all.

Mo Haque's experience, is the instructor for all training. Mo Haque is a highly experienced instructor.

Contact Person: Nereda Haque, PMP - 360-584-8614: Verify all.

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PMP® Certification classes, Weekends - Best PMP project management education course for PMP Exam Preparation with SmartPath LLC's supplemental materials for job and PMP exam visibility. Why SmartPath LLC offers weekend training as well as weekday training? Weekend PMP Training is offered over two weekends, 100% Live Online, fulfilling the 35 hours of project management training required by the Project Management Institute (PMI org) for PMP Exam approval. This PMP Program provides the Prep you need in order to pass. We offer it over weekends for the following reasons:

If you get paid $40 per hour, you are losing $1,280 if you take 4 days off work during the week, if your organization won't pay for your time while you are training. Many of you are being paid even more per hour so your losses are even greater. Weekends are your own - so there's no other direct cost of training except the training itself. Then to re-sit during the week again would be another $1,280 from work loss. We don't mind working a few weekends to make these classes possible.

Re-sitting Opportunities: - most of the other companies allow you to re-sit if you fail the Exam within 30 to 120 days depending on their policies. However, it is quite costly for the trainee to do this if there are no weekend opportunities available. In fact, for most people, re-sitting is a useless benefit, if there are no weekend classes that they can re-sit. Some companies only offer re-sitting when they are back in town and they may cancel their scheduled training so you may not be able to re-sit for a variety of reasons. SmartPath LLC allows you to re-sit free for up to six months from the first day of training in order to prevent failure - there's no need to take the PMP Exam twice. We have classes over weekends and weekdays so you have choices so you can save your resources if you have been impacted.

You know when you're not ready by how you're scoring on the practice Exams. So spending the practice time is even more important than qualifying for the pass guarantee. Taking advantage of our re-sitting opportunities can be so much more valuable to you. Don't pay for the exam twice. Adequate preparation the first time, can prevent failure.

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