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PMP(R) FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions

PMP® Certification Training with Prep - 35 hours: PMP Weekend Courses over two weekends or 4 weekdays, in Washington, DC's Golden Triangle or Bellevue-Seattle WA onsite in our classrooms or Live Online using your computer or tablet. All training comes with PMP Online Quiz practice that is free for up to 30 days from the day before your last day of training. Get your 35 hours including the Prep that you need to pass. PMP Live or PMP Bellevue-Seattle WA or Troy, MI or PMP DC. All PMP classes are held on weekdays or weekends. Or See all PMP options.

Also see What You Will Receive.

Best Unparalleled Guarantees - See details: , Click here for details:
(1) Pass Guarantee - we pay the third Exam. If you complete the mandatory activities you should pass the first time. Our pass guarantee doesn't wait for you to fail the third time. Most people will pass the first time because we encourage free resitting before they even take their exam. More experienced people will pass within 4 to 10 days. You can resit onsite based on seating availability or live video conference any time, and how many times you feel you need it, within six months of your first class. If you take the first exam within 30 days and finish all quiz practice before your first and second exams, we will pay for your third exam within the 12 months of your PMP exam approval. We encourage you to read the details and have a checklist so you can track your progress. See other benefits that apply.
(2) Resitting Guarantee - 6 months for all trainees from the first day of your original or "do it again" class
(3) Guaranteed-to-Run training at the time of purchase
(4) Coaching & Support while doing your quiz practice via phone or email
(5) No fees for rescheduling your training
(6) Flexibility class dates for any 4 days training – pick your dates
(7) We even have some evening Live Online Study Groups occasionally that you can join.
(8) Any trainee who takes their first exam within 30 days earns the right to resit once before any of their next 2 exams within a twelve month period of their exam approval even if the initial 6 months of resitting has expired.

Training Plus Guidance
All Classes are personally Instructor Led. No prior prep is required before our training. There is no need to take two separate classes - a certification class and then a prep class. Do your certification training and Exam Prep all in one. You receive the 35 hours of formal education required by the Project Management Institute plus the Prep you need to pass the Exam. You will receive all the information you need to pass the Exam plus a Roadmap depicting what you must do to pass, and even a roadmap for what to do day by day to pass within 5/10/15 days. Understanding what situations can happen in the processes and those that affect the project manager's role are now key to passing the Exam. You will be given the tools to help you expertly pick the correct answers. Best risk mitigation is to follow our proven, successful methods to seek understanding first and foremost.

Trainee Testimony: See more Testimonials

Different Venues, Same Training:
The PMP Certification training with Exam Prep offers many venues; however the same materials are covered, just different venues - and all are 35 hours of training.

SmartPath LLC is a PMI Global Registered Education Provider (#3441), headquartered Bellevue, WA - Seattle area (Metro bus drops at the Street, local to 100 W Big Beaver Rd, Suite 200, Troy, MI and local in Washington, DC located in the Golden Triangle with Farragut Redline North Metro in the building as well as across the Street and Farragut West Blueline Metro, Orangeline Metro and Silverline Metros are 2 short blocks away. Orangeline, Blueline and Silverline drop off two short blocks away. Live Video Conference is also ready available for Live Online enthusiasts.

All Classes Showing in the "Add to Cart" Menu are Available.
Your choices are Onsite, classroom style which is fully Instructor Led onsite in Bellevue-Seattle, WA or in Washington, DC or 100% Live Online which is also fully instructor led. See above links. You may register / purchase your class at anytime online by clicking the "Add to Cart" button.

What if you have your 35 hours of training already?
Trainees who have already taken their 35 hours of formal project management training and are preapproved to take the PMP Exam may take it the Exam the next day if they wish. Most people know less than they realize when they come to training so allowing at least 4 to 10 days to do some additional Prep Exercises can be great risk mitigation. You will need to complete all online quiz practice to stay compliant with our pass guarantee. (We pay for the third exam based on compliance.) It's even better to take full advantage of the Online Quiz Practice, dedicating your evenings and a weekend to give yourself a 10 day practice window. You can request the Online Quiz practice after purchasing your class, if you wish to begin your practice early in order to take your Exam faster after training. We find that many people coming from other centers of learning do not have enough in depth knowledge to begin practice questions before taking our quizzes. You can be the judge of that. At SmartPath LLC we don't believe in cramming for the Exam because you cannot apply what you have crammed. We have shown that understanding is key to higher passing rates.

What if you have not taken a PMP Certification class before?
If you have not taken a PMP certification class before, you should allow at least 10 days to take your Exam or even up to 30 days if you feel you need it. If you have gaps, take advantage of the many resitting opportunities where you get additional instructor hands-on assistance. No other company provides this for you! You can resit onsite based on seating availability or via Live Video Conference using your computer or tablet. We have free PMP Online Quiz Subscription for up to 30 days - you can purchase Quiz Extensions for a nominal fee but most will not need extensions. Online quiz practice is designed to guide your learning, increase your speed and increase your accuracy through understanding. You use them along with your materials for easy look up.

What Happens to Resitting when the classes are already full?

Onsite and Live Video Conference(LVC) using your computer is usually available because we concentrate our efforts in two major areas of the United States offering smaller classes more often - DC and WA. This has not been an issue so far. Most of our training sessions have no more than 6 to 9 people including the online people who are resitting. Most people find the Live Video option to be most convenient for resitting.

SmartPath LLC is local to 2 locations and has a high frequency of training.

(1) Seattle Area: We have classes onsite in Bellevue, (Seattle) WA. There are usually a weekend class, comprised of two weekends each month and at least 1 or 2 weekday classes depending on the time of the year. Sometimes there are less weekend classes in the summer. However, if you have a group we will schedule them. You only need to ask.

(2) Washington, DC: In Washington, DC we provide at least one weekend class, comprised of two weekends, most months and at least 1 weekday class most months. More training opportunities may be added as classes become full.

(3) Live Online classes: We have a bountiful number of 100% Live Online training sessions.

(4) There are other training options on our website. Go to the PMP Certification Training Page by scrolling down the page and finding what you want.

(5) Flexible Training where class scheduling permits: Do you want to train over time. You can do that but you need to pick the class dates in the order that they are offered. Example: If the class says it is offered on Nov 17 to 20. You can't take day 1 on the 20th because only day 4 materials are being taught on that day. Purchase the class that shows the first dates you want, then add the other dates you wish in the "add to cart" menu. Or email neredahaque@smartpathllc.com and let you check the dates you have picked first to make sure they are in the right order. We welcome flexible trainees.

No other company is prepared to service your training needs more than SmartPath LLC. You will receive lots of hands-on help from both Mo Haque, PMP and Nereda Haque, PMP who coach all of the trainees. Mo also reviews all applications before they are submitted and fast track all candidates before they take the PMP Exam by offering Free Group Sessions. Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP is the Director of all SmartPath LLC educational programs.

For "How To Pick a Training Company:" See details here.

The current PMP Certification training is aligned to PMBOK Guide, Sixth Edition, plus industry best practices so you are provided with all of the information you need to pass, as the training also aligned to the PMP Exam Outline email her. If you don't have outlook, then use: neredahaque@smartpathllc.com

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