PMP(R) Training Re-sitting and Finding Exam Seats, Scheduling and more at Pearson Vue Test Centers

PMP(R) Training Re-sitting and Finding Exam Seats, Scheduling and more at Pearson Vue Test Centers
For the PMP(R) Exam that started 1/2/2021. Updated 1-2-2021.

The PMP Exam is now available Live Online: Please go to the certification page, click on PMP(R) certification under certification types and look at the information below the blue triangle on the right.

Goal Setting: Pay for your exam appointment as soon as you have been assigned an eligibility period (12 months) to take the PMP Exam. Schedule it as soon as you are able. (If you are audited, provide your details to the PMI organization within 1 to 2 days.) Follow the Study Guide in the pmWorkbook Supplemental materials.

Finding Exam seats : Some companies “hog” the seats and schedule a whole organization, for example, when they are scheduled to all take the PMP exam right after class. However, most people will take 20 to 60 days to take the PMP exam.

Search a Pearson Vue Test Center: The exam is no longer Administered by Prometric test centers. Pearson Vue has more centers.

Your exam is a Computer-Based Test

Inside North America: Use the Pearson VUE Telephone System to schedule, reschedule, cancel or confirm your exam appointment. When calling Pearson VUE’s Contact Center, the representative will ask for:
1. Testing program: PMI – Project Management Institute
2. Name of examination
3. Your PMI ID 4.
4. You will then be asked to verify your first name, last name, email address, address and phone number that you used in your application

US Service available Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CT (closed on local holidays) Number: +1 866 241 5527 (toll-free) +1 952 905 7397 (toll)

Read all policies and exam instructionsin regards to arrival times and cancellations or rescheduling, or any instructions you were given for taking the Live Online exam. Be cooperative and do what the proctor asks because they are no a schedule. If you cause issues, you may lose your exam fee. You cannot mumble or mouth the words while you are taking your exam Live Online or in the center (for example). If you have a sweater on, you may not be able to take it off, so listen to the rules careffully.

How to Find Your Exam Details on PMI
Log in to and navigate to Review Application Status under myPMI. Click Schedule Exam. You will be directed to schedule your exam through Pearson VUE. You will be prompted with the following steps:
1. When you are directed to your Pearson VUE account, your exam will be available under “Pre-approved Exams.” Click the link for the exam you intend to take.

2. The next screen will display the booking method options available to you. Select the exam type you prefer: "I will be scheduling for a future date at a test center" (This is your only option). Then click Next.
(Note: Only CAPM® and PMI-ACP® certification exams are available in online proctored format.) If you select CBT:
• On the next page, you will see the exam and language aid you have selected. Please make sure to review the View Testing Policies, then click Schedule This Exam.
• Next, search for a test center. Once you have located a test location with availability, select a date and time.
• After making your selection, review your appointment details and then click Proceed to Checkout. • Follow the next steps to complete checkout, and then click Submit Order. • Your appointment is confirmed and you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE.

Scheduling Exam with Test Accommodations with Pearson VUE
If you have been granted test accommodations for the exam from PMI, please follow these steps for scheduling:
• Candidates who live inside North America must call the Pearson VUE Accommodation Specialist Department at +1 800 466 0450

You will excited to find a huge increase in test center options.

For All Current Trainees & Former Trainees of SmartPath LLC

Re-sitting schedules: Please call or text Nereda Haque, PMPf or all information on training at 360-584-8614 or email her.

For V6 SmartPath LLC trainees who need to take the PMP Exam that started 1-2-2021: A one time 4-day transition retraining at $272 for your class options. You can only purchase this class at this price when someone has purchased a class between Jan and March of 2021. The last available class is Mar 30 to Apr 2. You may request to be put on the class roster for many classes. Be flexible, because we are all working from home during this very slow COVID-19 market, including us.

Other SmartPath LLC's PMP trainees from previous years: See the premium and Option 2 retraining.

See pass guarantee for additional compliance, policies, etc. The third exam payment does not apply to the one-time Transition training.