PMP® Training Resitting and finding exam seats

PMP® Training Resitting and finding exam seats
The V6 PMP Exam Starts on 3/26/18 and following, and the V5.2 PMP® Exam ends on 3/25/18 (last day).

Goal Setting : Pay for your exam appointment as soon as you are approved to take the PMP Exam. Schedule it as soon as you are able. (If you are audited provide your details to the PMI organization within 1 to 2 days.) Everyday after class review what you learned, and do your homework. As soon as class ends, finish your Prep Exercises and start doing the practice questions, and study what you need to do in order to pass.

Finding Exam seats : Some companies “hog” the seats and schedule a whole organization, for example. Many of these seats will be rescheduled due to lack of preparation. This will open up seats. However, they are usually rescheduled on Mondays through Wednesday so these are the best days when you will find the most seats available. Try early mornings and late evenings for seating availability. Search for seat availability on website. You may find new sites that aren't on this list. Remember Prometric only needs to post available seats 6 weeks out, although some centers are posting further out than that.

Best way to make sure you get a local seat : Call Prometric 1-800-268-2802 and get on their waiting list for a closer location and check with them frequently.

Prometric Centers

States of Washington / Oregon Exam Locations: Mount Lake Terrace North Seattle, Fife, Portland, Spokane, Medford, OR.

Washington DC/ MD, VA, WVA, PA Locations: Baltimore, Falls Church, Washington DC, Towson, Glen Allen and other places are available within 150 miles.

Michigan Trainees - Try Michigan. There are two places in Troy and one in Livonia, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor. Also try Indiana, Illinois.

Online Trainees Put in your state's zip code to see available locations.

For All Current Trainees & Former Trainees of SmartPath LLC

Resitting schedules - email and request onsite or live online:
(1) For People who need to take Version 6 or 5.2 Exam training: Resitting is FREE for up to six months from your first day of class. We just finished the last V5.2 training in January or all training is now for the V6 exam. If you need to resit, you should take the V6 exam resitting and purchase the materials. If your free resitting has run out then try our loyalty retraining. See loyalty retraining, learning packages and materials are shown in order.

See pass guarantee for additional compliance, policies, etc.
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