Importance of PMP(R), PMI-PB(R), PMI-ACP(R) Certifications in Particular

Importance of PMP(R), PMI-PB(R), PMI-ACP(R) Certifications in Particular
Importance of Certifications

PMP(R) Certification is a must for Project Managers - Old education and experience has less value.

PMs have difficulty understanding why they get laid off after often working for a particular business for more than 5, 10, 15 or 25 years.

Think about the changes even 5 years ago. The World is not the same. Business routinely changes processes, and security compliance processes more constantly. Products are changing. Devices are changing, almost with the "wind." We live in a Global environment and we have to expect the unexpected. People who cannot manage their devices and their applications and for some, data at large, are experiencing increased difficulties. We have to be fast, agile, and swift in our decision making processes. Our projects need precision. Project requirements change constantly and must be continuously tracked to make sure they align to enterprise vision, even as the vision changes.

If PMs don't update their education, their education is worthless, regardless of their experience. This applies to construction, technologies, healthcare, sales, marketing, manufacturing, government sectors, advertising projects, etc. - no industry sector can escape the changing dynamic. You cannot afford to wait for companies to pay for your certification. It has been shown that people who get certified often change jobs because they have more options. So companies don't like to spend the money many times because they don't want to lose you; however, if you don't get certified you may not keep your job either. Really the PM is in the driver's seat. Get the certifications you need to keep your job fluid and your desirability viable. The most sought certifications right now are the PMP® certification first, then Agile (PMI-ACP)® or Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) depending on whether you are business or IT focused, at least according to our customers. However, if you can afford it, and you are an IT PM, get all three.

Basically having certifications means that you need to keep them updated so your education degree is updated by certifications adding more meaning. PMI allows you to align all of your certifications together so that you only need 60 PDUs ongoing to comply for all three. What about MBA degrees, etc. The colleges and universities cannot keep their curriculums updated as fast as things are changing. Therefore someone with an MBA should get both the PMP(R) and the PMI-PBA(R) Certification so that it has a relevant impact.

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