PMP® Exam Prep- How SmartPath LLC Helps Meet Your Objectives

PMP® Exam Prep Certification, Bellevue-Seattle and DC Areas or 100% Live Online, all guaranteed to run at the time of purchase.

SmartPath LLC is centrally headquartered in Bellevue WA, the greater Seattle area, and is also local to DC in the Washington Square Building - also centrally located for easy metro access or parking. SmartPath LLC maintains two training centers and also provides Live Video Conference Training using your computer. All of these training options are fully Instructor Led. You don't need to worry about cancellation for any reason. You can always reschedule without being charged a fee, and you can resit unlimited times for up to 6 months from the first day of training again by simply sending an email request. Live Video conference using your computer is also available if seats are unavailable or if you prefer it. See all Onsite & Live Online Training Options: All

Most times, training companies will cancel classes when they are "out of state" companies. They do not have local training centers so their overheads are high for travel and conference rooms. Joining a local program is much more reliable - SmartPath LLC has training center in WA and DC. All of our PMP Certification Training is guaranteed to run, and you will get more help from SmartPath LLC than you will get from any of the "out of state" companies. Also travelling companies are not always in WA or DC every month because many cover 10 to 150 locations. We are local in WA and DC every month because we concentrate our efforts in two areas.

What if you have exam approval? If you are approved to take the PMP Exam already and you have taken PMP training before for Version 5, then by all means schedule your PMP Exam if you want to. If you are going to dedicate your training days to class and study, schedule the Exam within 10 days out so you can finish all of the practice questions and exercises before taking the PMP Exam mitigating the knowledge gaps. If you have many knowledge gaps or you are a slower learner or you have a heavy work schedule, then give yourself up to 30 days to take the PMP Exam. Rushing to take the exam without proper preparation is the number one cause for failure.

If you don't have Exam approval: You do not need to have previous project management training in order to pass the PMP Exam. Our training provides you the 35 hours that the PMI organization requires. We give you PMP application guidance on the first day of training, and we review your application after you have completed it. The goal is for you to submit your PMP application before coming to class on the last day so you can be approved in about 3 to 5 business days, then you can schedule your PMP Exam.

What if you failed with another organization, and now you are preapproved to take the PMP Exam? When should you schedule your Exam? This is a different circumstance. We do not believe that you have to sit in class, then quickly take the PMP Exam in case you forget. If you failed before, take more time to preparation and focus on your challenges. We believe that if you understood the information in the first place, you should not fail, unless there were some unusual stressors in your life creating your chaos at the time. Stress and this exam really don't mix. You need to be able to think clearly. Aside from stress, the issue of why you failed is most likely caused from any or all of the following:
(1) Your concepts need to be clearer - you need to step up your understanding through exercises, visible workflows, practice questions online
(2) Your prior education was missing important content.
(3) You did not finish your exam questions because you didn't practice the questions properly in order to increase your speed. You need to gauge your practice.
(4) You were having difficulty with the verbose or situational questions which may be 70% or more of your Exam. Situational questions are often verbose, but not always. Just about every question can be placed within a situation. We teach you what can go wrong within each process, and how to decipher what the situational questions refers to: a process, a tools & technique, a PM role or task, an output or it could be about general project management knowledge.
(5) Your vocabulary lacked synonyms and your training did not provide synonyms in important areas. You had no keyword practice.
(6) You were lacking math skills and you need more help in this area. You may get up to 70 math questions across all areas but then you may get less than 20. However, you need to be well prepared in all areas.
(5) You didn't want to put in the effort or hours it takes, preferring to take shortcuts to learning. There are no shortcuts. Those who pass, study hard, do all the recommended practice, and attend one hour group sessions while leading up to their Exam. If you are not getting it, it's cheaper to reschedule and prepare properly than to throw away $555 or $405 (PMI member rate) by taking the exam. Second and third retakes are $275 (PMI member rate) or $375. Rescheduling only costs $70.

Here's our training schedules by option:

See PMP Cert Prep Bellevue, WA Schedule; or PMP Cert Prep in Washington, DC Schedule: or PMP Cert Live Online PMP Training using your computer. Or read our Testimonials: Project Management Institute, Inc.
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