SmartPath LLC's Training - PMP® Certification FAQ

SmartPath LLC's Training - PMP® Certification <span style="color:red">FAQ</span>
FAQ: What does Guaranteed-to-Run mean?
Answer: All training marked GTR or Guaranteed-to-run is guaranteed at the time of purchase. Therefore, if you see dates you like, purchase the class so you won't be disappointed if the dates change. Force Majeure such as bad weather may force us to cancel. So far we have not canceled a single class in 11 years.

FAQ: Do all of your trainees take the Exam the next day?
Answer: No. We don't require you to take the Exam on a specific date. Reason: Our classes are mixed but mostly Pros, as well as those who have not led projects but would like to. We want you to understand the framework upon which the PMP® Exam is based, then with the Prep portion you have learned, apply it to interpret the PMP Exam questions. Do people take the Exam the next day? Yes, if they cannot change what they already have or if they decide they want to keep the date. We promote learning through understanding, not cramming so it doesn't matter how long you wait to take the PMP Exam. However, trainees who wait past 6 weeks will most likely not take it. Formulas and our Workflow 12 must be memorized so if you leave your Exam too long you may need to brush up in these areas. If you want to concentrate on the exercises and don't want to read the handouts again, then take the PMP® Exam within 10 days. In our experience most people have not been following the PMI organization's best practices in all areas of project management so that means they may have some unlearning to do. If your projects have been based on business need you may have many gaps that will definitely require you take more time to prepare for the Exam. Why? They may not have required you to do Earned Value Management or Critical Path Scheduling, for Example, because "they need what you are producing." It's okay to take a month or two to pass the Exam. One of our trainees recently passed the Exam almost a year later with only 5 hours of study! She applied her knowledge at work, remembered the stories, etc. and she did this without even reading the new roles information.

FAQ: Why do you combine PMP Certification Training with PMP Exam Prep?
1. Because if the framework you have is not correct, you will still have difficulty passing the PMP Exam the first time. We want you to clearly understand your roles, the concepts, connections and context, tools and techniques, outputs and inputs and of course, the definitions and terminology. Our objective is to have you pass the first time. It is not fun to fail. It makes you feel awful. Therefore, if you learn it right the first time, taking 3 to 7 days extra to take the Exam if you are a Pro, or 2-3 weeks if you have some gaps, or 6 to 8 weeks if you have less experience, it might be a much better plan.

2. Most people who come to class do not have clear concepts; and all of then do not have clear concepts in most areas

3. There is no quality control over PMP Certification Training so that any 35 hours of any project management training can be taught. We cannot control what our customers learned, and most will not be clear and /or will not have covered all areas of the framework.

4. Our framework is clear, concise, and PMP Exam-focused so making it part of the Prep makes a huge difference.

FAQ: How easy is it to do the PMP Certification Class with Exam Prep by Live Video Conference?

Answer: It is as easy as sitting in class and many find it more convenient. You feel like you are in class. You can see the Instructor, the whiteboard and the presentation and fully participate in the class by asking questions.

FAQ: If I preregister for a class am I required to pay money upfront?
Answer: No. If the class isn't guaranteed, we do not require your money unless enough people join. We have only a handful of classes that are not guaranteed-to-run at the time of purchase.

FAQ: Can I request another date at the location for which I want to preregister?
Answer: Yes. Please request the dates in the comment box where you preregister.

FAQ: Do you do corporate training?
Answer: Yes, we do. Send all requests to email her.

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