PMP® Boot Camp - Re-sitting to Prevent Failure - Don't Pay for the PMP Exam Twice

PMP® Boot Camp - Re-sitting to Prevent Failure - Don't Pay for the PMP Exam Twice
Re-sit the PMP® Boot Camp to Prevent Failure - Why Pay for the PMP Exam Twice? SmartPath LLC offers 100% Live Online Instructor-Led Training for Groups Individuals or Onsite PMP Boot Camp training classes for the PMP Certification Exam in Bellevue-Seattle & in Washington or anywhere in Washington State, In Washington, DC or anywhere in Michigan. Live Online Training for Groups and Individuals & Onsite Group Training Options: All Options (Information on this page was updated for the PMP exam starting 1/2/2021 on 11-10-2020.)

Why pay for the PMP Exam twice? Avoid doing retaking the PMP exam by re-sitting and / or proper preparation.

What SmartPath LLC gives you that many companies might not want to provide you: Free re-sitting for up to 12 months if you need it, even if you haven't taken the PMP Exam! We believe people should reschedule their exams if they are not doing well with the practice exams, and re-sit, or if they know already that they have lots of knowledge gaps and challenges, don't schedule the exam until you have studied and re-sat enough times where you feel you are in control of the knowledge you need to know in order to pass, that is, until you are successfully understanding the areas you were not passing.

SmartPath LLC never changes a fee to reschedule. We allow flexibility training dates if you need them. Just tell us what you'd like - one day a month, two days a month, etc. Smaller classes are a huge advantage. We average 6 people for each training, and provide two coaches to help you learn throughout your 6 months training window.

Re-sitting your PMP class is for up to 12 months or when PMI® creates new PMP Exam Prep material for the next PMP exam, whichever is first. If the exam changes, then you will need to retrain for the new PMP Exam if you time to take the new PMP exam has expired so manage your time. You don't need to fail a class in order to re-sit.

We provide lots of practice questions, over 1,000 questions online practice for both simulated and interactive learning. All PMP Training is 100% Instructor Led. See training materials and tools.

See PMP Cert Live Online PMP Training for Individual or Group Training, each person using a computer or laptop.
Or PMP Cert Prep in Bellevue or Greater Seattle or anywhere in WA for Onsite Group Training
Or PMP Cert Prep in Washington, DC for Onsite Group Training
Or Michigan - for Onsite Group Training
Or See Government Options for 100% Live Online or schedule a group training Live Online or Onsite with us.
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Or, if you took a PMP class before from SmartPath LLC before and you still need to take the PMP exam, then see our loyalty programs that are discounted for our former PMP trainees to retrain. We understand that life can get in the way and a few people may not pass the first time, and it may have been too late to retake the same PMP exam again, as the exam tends to change every 2.5 to 3 years.