PMP Resitting Opportunities for the Current Exam

This page will be used again when we are close to the next new exam.

1. Video Conference Resitting Schedules for the Current PMP Exam: ET and PT here represent classes hosted in Michigan (ET) or Bellevue WA (PT)

Resitting opportunities are all four-day schedules but you can pick the first two and or last two days to get weekends for the first two classes below: Let me know what suits you:

3. Resitting Onsite in Washington DC: There are no resitting opportunities available onsite at this time.

4. Resitting Onsite in Troy, MI or Bellevue WA: You will be informed on the last day by 5 PM or before if availability is obvious if you prefer an onsite seat.

How to schedule any of these opportunities:
a. Email b. Include the dates you wish to resit c.