PMP® Refreshers to Transition to the 2018 PMP Exam for SmartPath LLC Trainees

PMP® <span style="color:steelblue"> Refreshers to Transition to the 2018 PMP Exam</span> for SmartPath LLC Trainees
PMP Refreshers to Transition

See this URL for learning packages from $159 and materials for just $99 including shipping through December 2019.

All live retraining programs include 4 days of training, quiz practice and materials.

(1) Budget: $399 - Live Video Conference only, no free resitting. This class is priced perfect for those needing the new materials, 4 days of training, no resitting needed, and 45 days of online quiz practice. Perfect if you just need the one class.
This option ended 12/31/18. see next options. (2) PMP Live Online Refresher Loyalty- $600 for 4 days, Live Video Conference only (formerly select a day) with 2 resitting opportunities within 90 days.
(3) Do It All Again, $846. Exact same benefits as your original training with resitting and third exam payment passed on compliance. This opportunity is best for people who are starting a new exam acceptance period, as we pay $275 or $375 for the third exam payment