PMP(R) Certification could bring wonderful results to your life and lifestyle

PMP(R) Certification could bring wonderful results to your life and lifestyle
Wonderful things can happen to your life when you get PMP(R) certified. Updated 2-7-202

Since 2007 we have trained thousands of people in project management. We witnessed remarkable transformations. Here are a few examples:

We witnessed an event planner rise to the top of a large global organization; and a CAPM(R) credential holder double his salary per his words. Someone earns almost $200K per year in his specialty after being laid off even though he had an MBA, and another earns almost $300K in his specialty. We spoke to one of our trainees who had been trying to prepare for the PMP(R) Exam on her own and failed twice. She had one more shot left to take the PMP(R) Exam and she had to accomplish it within 5 days or lose her job because, she said, since I don't have a college degree I can no longer keep my position without it. So she was in class for 4 days. She took the exam the next day. Within 5 days she was PMP(R) Certified and she kept her job!

So what can happen if you become PMP(R) Certified?
(1) You could keep your job
(2) You could keep your job with a salary increase
(3) You could earn the respect of your boss and receive a promotion
(4) You could apply to other organizations and get hired with more opportunities
(5) You are more likely to keep your position when the economy is more challenging
(6) You will be more effective managing your projects
(7) You will be more efficient managing your projects because they are process-driven
(8) You have the tools and skillsets to manage your projects using industry best practices
(9) You can live your dreams, doing what you love to do

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