Why does SmartPath LLC Combine PMP(R)Certification Training with PMP Exam Prep?

Why does SmartPath LLC Combine PMP® Certification Training with PMP Exam Prep? Updated 3/26/18

Our audience are experienced project managers.

The correct understanding of the project management areas is needed - plus applying your understanding through practice, so whether you take a dozen classes or just one, it does not matter:
People who come to Prep do not necessarily understand most of what they need to know in order to pass the PMP Exam. In fact, most don't. You want to start your Exam Preparation with the correct knowledge. We don't want you studying hundreds of hours by yourself without instructor guidance. We would rather you start your study after class and following a few days. People usually take from 20 to 60 Plus hours of studying / practice depending on what they already known. Practice should include finishing all of our 2,200 or more Online PMP Exam practice questions.

We want to give you the correct information from the start with the Prep needed to pass the Exam. We do this through 13 visible workflows, slides, illustrations, exercises to increase your understanding, practice exam questions, excellent exam-focused training materials. This training will also improve your skillsets.

It Saves You Time & Money
It also saves you time and money because you only need to take one class. And you can re-sit with us for up to 6 months from your first training day if you have a lot of gaps or life gets in your way. This way you can keep escalating your learning. If you are a Pro you can race right through class and even pass the PMP® Exam the very next day or within the next few days if you are already preapproved. Most people are not in the Pro category. Pros should also know the right information. You cannot pass this exam with your experience as your experience is not necessarily based on industry best practice, and your experience likely conflicts.

Our Training Increases Your Analysis Skills from the Get Go:
The Combination of PMP Certification Training with the Exam Prep helps your analysis skills from the get go: This is a very efficient method for you to both understand the concepts, connections (and their associations) of project management as well as learn in conjunction with how to determine the context of the PMP Practice Exam questions. This will increase your analysis skills on the job and for the Exam. From this view point you will also increase your understanding of project management and be able to delve deeper.

Correct industry best practices knowledge allows you to understand the Prep:
Getting the Correct information from the start allows you to understand the Prep: The purpose of certification training should be to prepare you for the PMP Exam, giving you the best tools from day one. If the Certification training is taught correctly it will be exam-focused, otherwise, why use the word “certification” training.

Information about other Other Companies Certification Training That You Should Know:
Many companies who call their class a PMP certification class, teach some aspect of the PMP Certification, that is, industry best practices knowledge; however, often not as much as you need to pass the Exam; but as many hours as you need for Exam approval only. To our dismay, some may even teach conflicting materials that will be a detriment to your passing the Exam if you rely on their training. This makes it very difficult for the candidate because relearning can be arduous.

SmartPath LLC Wants You to Learn It Right From the Start:
So learn it right from the start and take your PMP Certification Training with PMP Exam Prep with SmartPath LLC and make your certification path smarter. We have training onsite in the Greater Seattle Area / Bellevue, WA and onsite in Washington, DC as well as Live Video Conference using your computer or netbook.

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