Older exam material information.

This page will be used the next time their is a new PMP(R) Exam. For the PMP Exam that started 2021, start at this page:

Attention all V5 or former SmartPath LLC trainees who still need to take the PMP Exam - See our loyalty programs: by clicking here . This URL provides you all options.

1. Budget Special for a limited time. Purchase until August 31, 2018 - Only for all former PMP trainees of SmartPath LLC V5 trainees only: See our Budget retraining/refresher for $399. Retraining packages range from $399 (limited time only for V5 or V5.2 people only so they can catch up. It consists of a once time 4 day via Live Video Conference only, 30-day subscription starting on the third day, and materials a budget price of $399 that consists of 4 days of training via Live Video Conference, a 30-day quiz subscription that starts on day 3, and new materials. Nothing else promised, and no variations).

2. For any former SmartPath LLC PMP Certification trainees who took a 4 or 5 day PMP training with us onsite or via Live Video Conference: New V6 exam training materials are $99 plus tax until August 31, 2018 (this special time was extended).

3. Ongoing Retraining/Refreshers for Former SmartPath LLC's 4 or 5 Day PMP Trainees:

a. Live Video Conference training that is priced at $600 that's the same as the budget option plus two resitting opportunities within 90 days only. Nothing else promised and no variations).

b. Do it Again PMP training that allows onsite or live video conference options with all benefits of our current PMP certification class's original training $846 for 4 days of training (there are differences in training benefits).

c. Scroll down both Self-learning packages of $159 or $210 that include the Online Quiz Practice as part of self-learning. You can still use your original PMP certification training for exam approval.