PMP® Exam Preparation - What SmartPath LLC does for you at no Extra Charge?

PMP® Exam Preparation - What SmartPath LLC does for you at no Extra Charge? Updated 3-26-8

PMP Exam Preparation:

What SmartPath LLC does for you at no Extra Charge for PMP Certification Training:

» Helps you visualize the processes from start to finish through workflows

» Allows you to learn with us for up to 6 months if you purchased the 4 or 5 day program (original training)

» Allows you to re-do training of the more difficult areas more than once before taking the exam and/or allows you to repeat specific areas or the full training again if you did not pass for some reason. Most of the time, almost 100% of the people in the classes will pass! Or very frequently all of the people in the classes will pass. We are here to help you pass. If you are our trainee, we are now able to provide you a PMP Exam Performance Checklist, just for the asking, so if you fail, you can identify the areas in our materials that you need to improve on.

» Gives you one Exam Review Practice Exam (assessment) at the end of your last day of training for the 4 or 5 day training

» Helps you identify areas that need to be shored up if it is determined you’re not ready - This is a small class benefit as well as an Exam Review benefit. The instructor can tell if you need more understanding or more learning.

» Helps you practice analyzing situational, verbose and tricky questions during training or through email or phone calls after training

» Gives you Exam focused proprietary materials and tools for quiz practice in order to help you pass the first time - (beware of overloading with so much “stuff” that you lose focus on what you must learn in order to pass)

» You don’t buy any books for the class - all learning materials are provided; and online quiz practice is provided for up to 30 days starting on the 3rd day of class*

» We allow you to attend another class to make up any classes you may have missed or if your schedule requires change, thus accommodating your needs

» Project managers often experience sudden changes at work. You can work around these by starting on one training schedule and mixing and matching between other training sessions to fit your schedule. Just send us an email.

» If you must take the Exam on the day after training, we will help you. You should only do this if you have been studying for some time. However, if you are not in a rush, we always say that it is best to do the PMP Exam when you feel you are ready, not when you are pressured. A few extra days or an additional week or two may make the difference whether you taking the Exam once or twice especially if you have a lot of gaps in your experience. If this is the case you may need even more time. Why take it twice?

Allow Nereda Haque, PMP to answer all your questions at 360-584-8614 (cell).

* You will need to pay for new materials if the PMP exam has change so at that time you will incur a charge for the materials

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