Learn Concepts by doing SmartPath LLC's PMP® Quizzes

Learn Concepts by doing SmartPath LLC's PMP® Quizzes
Learn Concepts through SmartPath LLC's PMP® Quizzes - updated 1-13-2019

If life prevents you from taking the PMP Exam after you finished your training, what do you do now?

At SmartPath LLC we believe in learning through understanding, using reasoning and logic, not by rote. So why do we suggest that our PMP Online Questions will help you. Because now that you've been in class before, you can effectively single out what you know and what you need to understand better. You can concentrate on one area at a time . You are given the analytics, explanation. As you think about the questions and why it is correct, you will learn.

At SmartPath LLC, we have a variety of options. Quiz practice can catch up the knowledge you need to know to pass the exam, even if your training covered an earlier exam. These questions proportionately cover all of the areas you need to know in order to pass the PMP Exam and they will refresh you. Our quizzes have selected questions in each knowledge area so you can understand how well you are doing.

There are also questions that test every Input & Output such as the Connectivity Exercises. There are questions that test the Tools & Techniques & Documents, and another one just on the Concepts. Achieving 75% on 5 of the following or at least around 70% on Quizzes A,F,G,H,I,J, will give you a good indication whether you understand enough to pass the PMP(R) Exam. However, do not skill any of these quizzes, and for best results do all of the quiz practice.

There are over 2,200 questions, divided them by the number of days when you wish to take the exam. Do all of the questions, because they test your understanding from different angles. Then do the final Review Exam class or take a Segment class where you need more understand. Remember, this represents how well you would do if you had these exams - not how you will do on any exam. This is because PMI PMP Exam does not have set exam questions that you learn. There is no such thing as a real exam to examine. This final practice questions draw from all the areas and there are two timed exam simulations, Quiz K and L.

If you are a SmartPath LLC customer,and you were in training at some time in the past - see below for all options:

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