Best Way to Switch to a Project Management Career

Best Way to Switch to a Project Management Career
You might find yourself in one or more of these situations:

(1) You've fairly fresh out of college with a bachelors, and you feel you have may been doing projects, but you're not sure. You may have worked 1 to 2 years on the job. What did you do? Most likely you did some projects. However, you could be doing a lot of routine daily activities also, such as customer service, etc. If this is you, start with the CAPM® Certification. It is a perfect platform to get your feet wet, and it provides confidence to the organization that you are knowledgeable, and as they see your team performance, or assistant project manager performance, it can put you in the limelight for bigger projects.

(2) You hear a lot about project management on the job. You're fairly sure that some or many of the activities you do are projects. Engineers, Architects, Teachers, anyone in management or administration, including health care, some types of sales, marketing, advertising, financial and other services often do lots of projects without the title of a Project or Program Manager. If you are in this category; however, you are unsure about how much of your work would be considered a project, please send your resume to It's possible that the PMP Certification is in your horizon.

(3) If you are an Admin and you are under direction and supervision of someone else, these activities will not be considered projects. You may have done a lot of project support; however, you did not led and direct your projects. And much of your other work may be considered daily operations. Start with CAPM® certification.

(4) You have a high school education or equivalent and you spent most of your management a quality, risk or procurement department. We would need to see your resume and look at your descriptions. You would nee 7500 projects over a 36 month period, all within the last 8 years.

(5) Project Management Certification can include traditional, agile and hybrid projects.

Note: See PMP® exam requirements, followed by CAPM Exam requirements

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