About Fuzzy & Situational PMP® Exam Questions

PMP® Exam Practice Questions - Fuzzy & Situational. You can understand them. You have to know how to decipher them. You probably have heard people telling you that they got a crazy exam; that at first they wondered whether they were taking a PMP Exam. Well some people seem to be getting a few questions like these or one third of their exam like these; some people say they aren't getting any, but some people have received the majority of questions in this format.

Whether you like it or not, the PMP Exam is a highly analytical exam and it will test your analytical skills like no other exam, and to the max. It will measure your behavior as a PM. We say that you need the right knowledge + understanding + practice = PMP Exam Success.

At SmartPath LLC we recommend finishing all quiz practice and review quizzes H,J,A,I a few days before your exam and study Workflow # 11, check off your checklist, and review your formulas.

Our Quizzes focus on knowledge areas, PM role-focused, Code of Conduct, concepts, connectivity, tools & techniques, Math Quiz etc. While there are many situational based questions throughout these quizzes, we have lots of verbose situational-focused questions in a group all of their own.

Total Questions: 205 questions are in pmWorkbook. SmartPath LLC trainees have up to 30 days to complete all practice using a Free Online Quiz Practice Subscription. These questions are also part of over 2,100 questions online.

Online PMP Quiz details:

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