How to Practice the PMP® Quizzes Online
How to Avoid Rote Learning

How to Practice the PMP® Quizzes Online<br>How to Avoid Rote Learning
SmartPath LLC's Online Quiz practice learning may be done using your smartphone, tablet or your computer. You can see the question, 4 answers, and the reasoning behind the answer. Seeing everything on one page can help you work faster. Using a smartphone is convenient for those on the go.

(1) Concentrate on looking up answers only if you don't understand the answer
(2) Do not repeat the quizzes until you have done them all so you prevent rote learning. Rote learning will not help you in the exam because PMI(R) does not release their exam questions. The PMI questions will not be the same.
(3) Before repeating the quizzes, focus your learning again on areas that you understood the least
(4) Prove all answers wrong until you can't, then prove why the best answer is best. This is the most productive way to learn.
(5) If you have done the quiz practice before and you only want to hit on some areas, then concentrate on Quizzes A, H, I, L, J, L. If you are poor in planning, you should do, F and H also.
(6) If you want to cover all areas, then do all questions. If you are planning to pass, plan your time so you can cover all questions in order to learn proportionately
(7) After finishing your quiz practice, do a 5 to 10 day fast review following your Exam Performance Checklist in Appendix A for the PMP(R) Exam or Appendix E if you are taking the CAPM Exam.

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