PMP® Certification Exam Preparation - How your identity is verified at the time of the PMP Exam.

PMP® Certification Exam Preparation - How your identity is verified at the time of the PMP Exam.
PMP(R) Certification - Preparation for the PMP Exam - Getting the application right. Instructions on 3-7-2020. Check PMP Exam the exam identification requirements by Pearson's Vue at the time you pay for your exam. Exam instructions can change, and you are held accountable to be aware of changes. Make sure you take your exam within 12 months or you will lose your Exam fee. Become acquainted with the PMP Exam handbook and email or call if you have any questions.

Applying for the PMI Exam.

Please Note - if taking you're PMP Exam in the US: Some of this information has supposedly changed regarding exactness; however, it appears that the Rule of thumb is: Example: if you are using your driver's license for the government issued ID: Your driver's license still needs to match the name that PMI provides Prometric exactly, although the address is no longer necessary to enter the exam. Also take a credit card, debit card or current passport for a second signature verification. The other signature will be seen on your government issued ID.

We generally tell people to use their driver's licenses and a signed debit or credit card as these items are generally on them all the time and they are less likely to forget them.

ID Instructions: Before the Exam is scheduled, please make sure you have the government issued ID that you will use for the PMP Exam. On your PMI application you may use the correct address; however, there is only a place for your first and last name. So if your government issued ID has a middle initial or one or two additional names, please add these at the time you pay for the Exam. This is for the Prometric process. Use the name EXACTLY as it shows on your State’s driver’s license or Passport. Example: If your name on the government ID you are using is Jose Ryan Brown, you cannot use Jose Brown or Jose R. Brown. You must use Jose Ryan Brown. Take a debit card or a credit card showing your signature on the back. Both your government issued picture ID and the card you choose will be used to validate your signature. Your name does not have to match EXACTLY on the credit card / debit card.

The Project Management Institute will let you know about this when you are about to pay for the Exam if you do it over the phone. If you are buying your exam online, read the instructions carefully.
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