Control your destiny by dealing with Life - Passing the PMP® Exam

Project Management, PMP® Certification Training - Don't Let Life Get In Your Way of Achieving Your Goals. How to Pass the PMP Exam.

by Nereda Haque, PMP

You are not alone if life got in your way and you still have not taken the PMP Exam. However, you cannot stop LIFE trying to get in your way because life (including projects you manage) can only get in the way most of the time if you allow them to.

There is no excuse at all for procrastination - ever. We always make time for what we want! So do we really want it? Then let's act like we do! How do we act like we want it? Make it a priority by:

(a) Setting a deadline for yourself

(b) Writing out how you are going to meet the deadline - your plan for taking the PMP Exam and passing.

(c) Allowing a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes each day to study so you can reach your deadline - that's 5 hours per month. Try and find a little extra time on the weekend. Before driving to work, take your 7 iterations exercise and look at one outputs and where they go and think about that as you drive to work and think about another one when you're driving home. For the tools and techniques: Look at your description and where they are used and visualize how you would use them in a project you might do and what stakeholder/s might need a report as a result. It means living and breathing your PMP Exam every day. Focus on it when your mind is not thinking about anything else. Visualize it. Run your mind through Workflow 13, for example, and visualize a start to finish project. Pretend you are explaining how to manage a project to a project team member.

(d) Assessing how you are doing half way to your deadline. Give yourself a status report.

Plan of attack:

(i) Schedule your PMP Exam so there's no turning back. Thus "pulling the rug from under your feet."

(ii) The study plan: keep the information fresh and your understanding escalating by:

(a) Studying the workflows when you are relaxing - just glancing at them here and there. Understand one concept each day. For example: one output and where it goes. Some PMs study the SmartPath LLC workflows in the bathtub or while eating. After all they are laminated! You can learn inputs, outputs, tools and techniques and even roles off of these. You can also see the visualize the most vital connections, your formulas.

(b) Do your 7 Iterations Exercise. This is the easiest way to ensure that you will pass your PMP exam along with finishing your online quiz practice. This is not for memory but for understanding.

(c) Go through the book from last learned section to first learned section - do each exercise taking up to 10 minutes per day and check off the Review List of what you understand and what else you should pay attention to. Anything that needs more work, come back to it.

(d) Try to understand how the process you are studying works - such as Plan Quality? When and why would you use the process? How would a good Quality Plan look like and how would it help prevent issues while the product is being made, etc. See how Plan Quality is connected to the other quality processes and the other processes outside of it's knowledge area by reviewing SmartPath LLC's workflows. Take the practice exam again when you complete an area, and especially honing in on why the answer is correct (especially for those you got wrong.) Identify the process, tools & techniques, keywords, roles or whatever the subject matter of the question is. Since training is in process sequence order, to learn everything about all processes in a knowledge area, consultant your table of content along with Workflow 13 if you need to.

(iii) Resit areas of the class if you still have time within six months training period. Stay focused on just SmartPath LLC's materials so you don't get information overload. You want to streamline the information and stay focused on our exam-focused materials. SmartPath has "do it again programs" for both the 4 or 5 day training programs. We also have a Select a day loyalty program for retraining - where you can choose the days that matter most to you. Both retraining programs come with quiz practice. See the URLs to see the difference. Starting the PMP Online Quizzes again is like having an instructor sitting beside you. And a great way to retrain for minimal cost. If the exam has changed, however, get the quiz learning package that includes quiz practice and the materials you need also.

(iv) Pass the PMP Exam. Let's us know when you pass the PMP Exam.

(v) Celebrate!

Take SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification and Exam Prep training, the best training around, and blaze your way to success. You'll be glad you did! Act like you want it and you will get it. Others just like you have done it. Read their testimonies.

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