Business Analysis or PMI-PBA Cert,
Do It Again (the same training),
100% Live Online
for Former SmartPath LLC PMI-PBA

Do It Again PMP Cert For
Prior SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) / CAPM Boot Camp Trainees
taking the PMP Exam. The PMP exam
is not included

How to pass it in 5-10-15 days
Leadership & Business Acumen Training for Project Governance, Class III - Guaranteed2Run
Why Do Project Managers Need UML?
2-Day Intensive PMP Exam Prep
(Review), 100% Live Online
not available at this time

2016 Microsoft Project,
Power Learning

3-Day Intensive PMP Exam Prep
(Review), 100% Live Online
Not Offering at this time

35 Hours - Training Outline
9 Reasons to do Quiz Practice for the PMP® Exam and How to Learn
What You Will Receive & Your PMP(R) Class Benefits
SmartPath LLC Loyalty for More New Training, or Retraining Discounted Training
Change management questions
A Screenshot To Explain How to Look for the LVC Download for your PDU Class
About Fuzzy & Situational PMP® Exam Questions
About Maintaining Your PMP® Credential
About our Power BI Classes, Power BI for Enterprise Management Professionals
About PMI-ACP Certification Training - Do You teach scrum?
About PMI-ACP® Certification Hours for Exam Approval - Qualifying Training Hours for the PMI-ACP Exam
About SOA and Enterprise Architecture Modeling
About the PMP® Online Quiz Subscription
About the One Hour Live Video Conference PDUs
About the V6 PMP® Exam that started March 26, 2018
Advantages & Benefits of PMP® Certification & Why SmartPath PMP Training
Agile - PMI-ACP® Certification - Pricing for Governments
Agile Articles - Industry Discussion
Agile book replacement
Agile Cert, Do It Again (Repeat the Same Class),
Former SmartPath LLC Agile Trainees,
100% Live Online. The exam is not

Agile Cert
with Exam Prep

Agile Certification FAQ
Agile Certification Training Specials
Agile Learning Package,
Includes 2 Hour Live Online Review

Agile Project Management Exam
Review / Shorter PMI-ACP(R) Prep, 2-Day. The exam is not

Agile Project Management versus PMP(R) Project Management
Agile Skills Training
Agile Strategic Planning
Agile Training Vs Hybrid Training - to be announce - coming soon
Agile Versus Scrum
Agile Work Sessions for Learning
Agile Practices or Obtaining Professional Development Units f

Agile, PMI-ACP® Exam Certification Related Articles
All Other Project Management Training & PDUs - Available for Organizational Training
Are All of SmartPath LLC's Classes Guaranteed to Run?
Basic Excel Skills Learning, Power BI Ready
Benefits of being a PMP® Project Management Professional
Benefits of Managing Projects Through A Program
Benefits of Organizational Training
Benefits of Process-Driven Workflows for the PMP® Certification Exam
Benefits of SmartPath LLC's Project Management Skills Training / Fundamentals Training
Benefits of Taking SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training
Best Way to Switch to a Project Management Career
BI-EDMP Details
Big Data BI for Business Users - Article
Blogs, Social Media
Building Your Personal Leadership

Business Acumen and Developing
Project & Business Leaders who
Understand Urgency, Business & Acumen Series Class I - Guaranteed2Run

Business Acumen, the Importance of (Article)
Business Analysis
Business Analysis & Requirements Management Skills
Business Analysis Training - Process Mapping Using Visio® 2016 in DC, Bellevue-Seattle or Live Online
Business Analysis Skills Training
Business Analysis Training, Excel(R) Series, in Troy-MI, Washington-DC, Bellevue-Seattle-WA or Live Online - 2 hour Training Segments
Business Analysis Training
Process Mapping Using
Visio 2019, Visio II

Business Analysis using Visio(R),
2019 Flowcharting, Class I

Business Analysis
Cert Exam Prep

Business Case Development Training
Business Intelligence for Project Managers
Business Process Analysis Training - Why Do Business Process Modeling?
Business Purpose Alignment Training
Business Soft Skills & Business Skills Assessments
Business Soft Skills - Includes Leadership
Can Every One Pass the PMP® Exam? You can if you must; You will if you want, but you can't if you won't.
CAPM Certification Training with Exam Prep,
100% Live Online
Using Your Computer
for this Project Management Training.
The exam is not included.

CAPM Exam Visibility Board (Kanban)
CAPM Third Exam Guarantee
CAPM(R) Do It Again Exam Training,
100% Live Online for Prior CAPM
Trainees of SmartPath LLC, Who Still Need to Take the CAPM Exam

CAPM(R) Exam & Class Testimonials
CAPM(R) Online Quiz
Practice Subscription
For SmartPath LLC CAPM Trainees, for 15 days

Certification Prep

CAPM® Certification Training with
Exam Prep, Group Training in DC,
Bellevue-Seattle WA, or MI. The Exam is not included.

CAPM® Versus PMP Certification Class in DC, MI, WA
Certificate of Completion
Certification Coaching for
PMI(R) Exams or for ASQ Exams

Change Management Training
Class Payment to change Live Online Training to Onsite Training
Classes not currently offered
Communication for Project Manager Excellence
Live Online

Considerations of a Business Analysis Project for requirements' management
Control your destiny by dealing with Life - Passing the PMP® Exam
Critical Path Scheduling - in Bellevue-Seattle, DC, or Live Online
Cultural Influences and the PMP® Exam - How SmartPath LLC's Training Helps Bridge Cultural Differences
Current PMP Exam Details
Directions & Hotels
Directions for WA, DC and MI
Diversity & Cultural Awareness Training
Do you need to take a PMP® Certification class and a Prep Class?
Dos and Don'ts of V6 PMP® Exam Preparation
Drinks and Foods that may help Cognitive Learning
Earned Value Management Articles - EVM
Easy Bulk Purchase Link for One Hour Live Video Conference Training
EDMP History
EDMP-1 Quiz Extension, 15 Days
EDMP-2 Exam Kanban
EDMP-2 Online Quiz Practice, 15 Days
EDMP-2 Online Quiz Practice, 30 Days
EDMP1 Quiz Practice, 30 days
Effective Communication Training
Employer Benefits From Certification Training
Employer Ready Project Manager Training
Employer Ready Skills – Enterprise Project Management
Employer Ready Skills – PMs in Construction / Manufacturing
Employer Ready Skills – PMs in Most Industries
Employer Ready Training for Must Have Skills
Employers May Prefer IT PMs to Have PMP® and Agile Certifications
Enterprise Data Management
Professionals - 2, Power BI
for Business Users, Advanced level

Enterprise Data Management
Professionals-1 (EDMP-1), Power BI,
Power Learning for Business Users

Enterprise Data Management
Professionals-1 (EDMP-1), Power BI
100% Live Online

Enterprise Management Data
Professional (EDMP-2) Training via
100% Live Online
Using Your Computer

Escalation of PMP® Learning Starting With Your Online Quizzes
Executive Project Management
Federal & Other Govt Prices.
Final PMP® Exam Preparation for V6
Finance Your Training Using PayPal - U.S. Customers only
Finding Seats at Pearson Vue Centers for Your Exam
Fluffy and Moist Cacao Cake - Adjustable for non-Cacao Flavor also
For SmartPath LLC's Trainees Taking more than 30 days to the Exam? - updated 3-26-18
For Current or Former PMP® Boot Camp Trainees - More PMP Drilldowns
For Former or Current SmartPath LLC trainees of 4 or 5 PMP Certification Trainees, Who Need New Training or New Information
For Previous SmartPath LLC PgMP
Trainees, Federal Govt Employees,
PgMP(R) Cert, Do It Again Loyalty
with Exam

For SmartPath Current & Former Client Purchases - For Internal Use Only
For SmartPath LLC PMP(R) Trainees, PMP Training Prep Package # 1 for PMP Exam ending 12/31/2021
For SmartPath LLC PMP® Trainees - Current or Former: Complete Package of PMP® Materials - V6.5 Materials
For SmartPath LLC PMP® Trainees
only, All PMP® Materials V6

For SmartPath LLC Trainees - The free study group is not available at the moment
For SmartPath LLC Trainees Only
New Business Analysis Class book for PMI-PBA Exam

For SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Trainees Only, PMP Online Quiz Practice
Subscription, Resubscription or Current Quiz Subscription Extension for up to
15 Days

For SmartPath LLC's
CAPM(R) Trainees only
30-day Quiz Practice Subscription

For SmartPath LLC's CAPM(R) Trainees'
Quiz Practice Extensions or Resubscriptions Options

For SmartPath LLC's Current or
Former 2 or 3 Day
PMI-ACP(R) Trainees Only: PMI-ACP Online Quiz
Subscription or Extension 30 days for SmartPath LLC Agile Trainees

For SmartPath LLC's Current or
Former 2 or 3 Day PMI-ACP(R)
Trainees Only - PMI-ACP Online Quiz Subscription, Extension 15 days

For SmartPath LLC's PMI-ACP(R)
trainees only: 60-Day PMI-ACP
Online Quiz Practice Subscription,
Resubscription or Extension

For SmartPath LLC's PMI-PBA(R) Cert trainees,
PMI-PBA Online Quiz Practice
Subscription 60 days

For SmartPath LLC's PMP Boot Camp trainees pmWorkbook and pmWorkbook Exercises' Book
For SmartPath LLC's PMP(R)
Trainees Only, 30-Day - Option 2

For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees Only - PMP Online Practice Quiz
Training Extension or Resubscription or Subscription for up to up to 60 days

For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees Only - Up to 90-day Subscription Quiz Practice - PMP Online Quiz Practice
For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees,
only, set of pmWorkflows
for Version 6 Exam

For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees: PM Workflows - Need a replacement? Now you can get just one.
For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees: PMP Training Prep Package # 2
For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Trainees
pmWorkbook Exercises for V6 Exam

For SmartPath PMP® Trainees,
pmWorkbook, Replacement only

For Any SmartPath LLC PMP® Boot Camp Trainees - Refreshers after 6 months - updated 10/1/16
Free PMP(R) Seminar

From PMP(R) Prep To Taking The PMP Exam - Start to Finish Processes
Highly Skilled BA Professionals drive the desired solution
Hotels Near SmartPath LLC in Bellevue-Seattle, DC, Troy, MI
How Organizations Can Use Multiple Project Certifications
How Organizations Grow
How SmartPath LLC's PMP(R) Services Help You Pass The PMP Exam
How SmartPath LLC's Training Helps You Pass the PMP(R) Exam
How to Use the PM Workflows
How to apply for the PMP(R) Exam - Step by Step Instructions
How To Become A Project Manager
How to Do PMP® Quiz Practice
How to Do Your PMP® Online Quiz Practice - Using Interactive Learning
How to File a Michigan Complaint
How to make the Best IT Agile Team
The IT Agile Developer
Team Management

How to Pass the PMP(R) Exam - Free Seminar
How to Pick a PMP® Training Company
How to practice for the PMP® Exam
How to Practice the PMP® Quizzes Online
How to Avoid Rote Learning

How to Prepare for the PMP® Exam
How to report your PMP® PDUs
How to Study - Here are Your 10 PMP® Exam Pointers
How to use pmWorkflow 11 to answer the Role related questions
How to Use SmartPath LLC's PM Workflows to Learn for the PMP® Exam
Importance of Certifications - PMP®, PMI-PBA®, PMI-ACP® Certifications in Particular
Instructions for PMI-PBA® Online Quiz Subscription Exam Practice
Job Opportunities
Job Security
Keeping Your Professional Management Job
Leadership & Business Acumen for Benefits Management, Class II
Leadership & Business Acumen Series, Classes I to IV - Do them in Any Order, 3 PDU each
Leadership & Business Acumen Training, Class IV - Business Acumen & Developing & Aligning Leadership Goals.
Leadership and Management
for the Agile Product Owner

Leadership and Management
for the Agile Project Manager

Leadership Skills Training - All Encompassing
Learn Concepts by doing SmartPath LLC's PMP® Quizzes
Lower Lectin Recipes (they are also gluten-free)
Loyalty Retraining - Meaning of
Maintain Your PMP® Credental
Maintaining your PMP Credential
Maintaining your PMP® Credential
Managing Scope, Time & Cost
100% Live Online

Project Risk

Many in The Project Management Industry now Require a Business Analyst for Requirements Management
Measuring Project Performance
& Earned Value Management
- 100% Live Online

Michigan Works - Training Offered
Microsoft Project
with Resource Management

Learning - other

Mo Haque, MSEE, MSEE, PMP, PMI-ACP, PMI-PBA, CMfgT, EDMP - CTO & Director of Education
Multiple Class Purchase
With Loyalty Applied

Needs Assessment Training
Nereda Haque, PMP - President/CEO of SmartPath LLC
New Materials Adjustment
Obtaining Customer Feedback
On Behalf of a SmartPath LLC Trainee, PMP Exam Payment Link
One Hour Live Video Conference PDU Training - Instructor Led - not available for 2016

Online PMI-PBA(R) Prep for SmartPath LLC trainees
Retraining Package

Order adjustments
Other Advantages & Benefits of SmartPath LLC's PMP® Training
Other Payments
Other PM Certifications taught by SmartPath LLC
Other PMP Class & Exam Details
Other Popular PDU Choices
Other Training
Overview - Foundations of
Project Management

Overview of Business Analysis Cert and It's Relevance to Industry
Partial Payment for Agile Training
where Portion is Paid for by WorkSource or WorkForce

Partial payment for PMI-PBA(R) Class
Partial Payment for the PMP Exam
Partial Payment for your PMI-ACP® Training
Partial Payments for A Class

Partner - Altova
Partner - Casewise
Partner - DataPipe® from Knorr & Associates Inc
Partner - Microsoft
Partner CoSentry
Partner IBM
Partner- Ascentn
Partners - WorkPoint
Pass the PMP(R) Exam - Here's How To Pass the V6 PMP Exam
Passing the Exam & PMI-ACP® Online Quiz Subscription (AOS) - Practice Essentials
Passing the PMP® Exam
Paying the Exam Difference
allowed on Your Voucher

PDU Structured Learning
with Instructor Input

Performance Reviews
PgMP Testimonials
PgMP(R) Certification
Federal Govt Price inc. One Exam
100% Live Online

PM & BA Benefit of Taking PMI-PBA® Certification Training
PM Career Paths
PM Free Stuff
PM Group Study Focused
Work Sessions


PMI(R)PMP Requirements, Costs & 35 Contact Hours Certificate For PMP Certification
PMI-ACP Certification Training.
The Exam is not included.

PMI-ACP Certification Training
with Exam Prep to apply loyalty and other credits

PMI-ACP Exam Costs Detailed & New Exam Start Date
PMI-ACP(R) (Agile) Certification Testimonials
PMI-ACP(R) Class & Exam Details
PMI-ACP(R) Exam Content of High Importance
PMI-ACP(R) Pass Guarantee
PMI-ACP(R) Quiz Practice Options
PMI-ACP(R) Training Materials & Tools & Course Outline & Exam Distribution
PMI-ACP(R) Exam Requirements & Exam Costs
PMI-ACP® (Agile) Certification Training with Exam Prep, US Federal
PMI-ACP® (Agile) Training with Exam Prep, US Govts, Not Federal
PMI-ACP® Class Objectives - Both Learning & Training
PMI-ACP® Certification Prep, Agile Methodologies - Product Owner
PMI-ACP® Certification Training - What You Will Receive
PMI-ACP® Exam Prep Kanban
PMI-PBA Certification Training Outline
PMI-PBA Exam & Details
PMI-PBA Online Quiz Practice
for former SmartPath LLC PMI-PBA
Trainees only

PMI-PBA Quiz Option 15 days - for former SmartPath LLC PMI-PBA Trainees only
PMI-PBA(R) Certification,
100% Live Online.
The exam is not included.

PMI-PBA(R) Quiz Practice Options
PMI-PBA® Prep Package, with a
2 Hour Instructor Led Exam Review

PMI-PBA® Exam Distribution
PMI-PBA® Exam Requirements
PMI-PBA® Exam Visibility Board
PMI-PBA® Certification - Requirements Management
PMI-PBA® Certification Exam Testimonials
PMI-PBA® Certification Training - What You Will Receive
PMI-PBA® Certifications Benefits of Training
PMI-PBA® Pass Guarantee for 3rd exam based on Compliance activities
PMI® Agile Certification Training
with Exam Prep, Plus - Federal

PMI® Certification and All Certifications offered - Overview
PMI® Certifications
PMI® Project Management Certification - Resitting Venues
PMP 100% Live 4-Day Live Online
For Former SmartPath LLC
PMP Trainees - Special for Current
PMP Exam

PMP Cert Structured Learning
Package - Level 1

PMP Certification Training
with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online

PMP Certification Training
with Exam Prep, partial payment

PMP Certification with Exam Prep,
in Washington State , Greater Seattle Metro or Your location
8 to 10 trainees
the PMP Exam is not Included
Schedule at Your Location
or at a Suitable Location

PMP Class, DC PMP Certification with Exam Prep Group of July 27,28,Aug 3,4
PMP Guarantees, Resitting, More
PMP Resitting Opportunities for the Current Exam
PMP Testimonials & Exam reviews
PMP(R) CERT PAK - Level One. Start Here for materials
Not available at this time

PMP(R) Cert Prep
Other Retraining Loyalty Options

PMP(R) Certification - See Other Retraining Options
PMP(R) Certification Requirements, The Exam, Process & Your Experience and Example of Projects, and finding Exam Seats
PMP(R) Certification Exam Distribution PMP Exam starting 7-1-2020
PMP(R) Certification Exam Prep - What is Quality Control?
PMP(R) Certification Prep, Segment 1
PMP(R) Certification Prep, Segment 2.
Tools, Techniques, Documents

PMP(R) Certification Training
With Exam Prep, in Washington State
- Greater Seattle area or Your Location
The Exam is not included.
This pages has been replaced

PMP(R) Certification Training
with Exam Prep, Washington DC
8 to 10 trainees
The PMP Exam is not included.

PMP(R) Certification Training Specials
PMP(R) Certification Training and how to prepare for the PMP Exam
PMP(R) Certification training by SmartPath LLC ? Vital decision makers
PMP(R) Certification Training with
Exam Prep, 100% Live Online for
US Government Agencies,
other than Federal - No exam included.

PMP(R) Certification Training
with Exam Prep, Troy, MI. The Exam is not included.

PMP(R) Certification Training
with Exam Prep, 100% Live Online
Using Your Computer. The exam is
not included.

PMP(R) Certification
with Prep

PMP(R) Exam Prep - Advantages of Using Process Workflows for Project Management
PMP(R) Exam Prep, Incredible Training Benefits Of Using Process-Driven Workflows
PMP(R) Exam Preparation, Experience Submission - What are Examples of Projects?
PMP(R) FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions
PMP(R) Quiz Practice Options
PMP(R) Retraining Loyalty - See other options.
PMP(R) Segment 3 for the PMP Exam.
Scope, Time Cost

PMP(R) Segment 4 for the PMP Exam
PMP(R) Training Materials & Tools
PMP® Certification Classes - Dates, Times & Locations
PMP® Exam Prep- How SmartPath LLC Helps Meet Your Objectives
PMP® Exam Preparation – Why Some People Pass Faster?
PMP® Exam Roles. This handout is not available separately - not available
PMP® Refreshers to Transition to the 2018 PMP Exam for SmartPath LLC Trainees
PMP® Back to basics - what to look up to answer the Online questions
PMP® Boot Camp - Resitting to Prevent Failure - Why Pay for the PMP Exam Twice?
PMP® Certification - Retraining Options -
PMP® Certification - What About PM Roles
PMP® Certification V6 Exam Visibility Board for the current V6 PMP Exam started on 3-26-2018
-- The last day to take this PMP exam is 12/31/2020,
and the first day to take the New PMP Exam is 1/2/2021

PMP® Certification Blueprint for the V6 Exam
PMP® Certification Class Objectives
PMP® Certification Classes, PMP Courses, PMP Boot Camps - Are They the Same?
PMP® Certification could bring wonderful results to your life and lifestyle
PMP® Certification could help your Career
PMP® Certification Exam Questions Distribution for Version 6 of the PMBOK® Guide - Starting First Quarter of 2018 - TBD
PMP® Certification Exam - What You Might Expect
PMP® Certification Exam Prep - Give Yourself a Greater Chance to Pass the First Time by Removing these Hurdles
PMP® Certification Exam Prep, The Steps To Passing
PMP® Certification Exam Preparation - How your identity is verified at the time of the PMP Exam.
PMP® Certification Exam Preparation - There are no Real PMP Exam Questions.
PMP® Certification Exam Questions – What is the best way to answer them?
PMP® Certification Passing Guidelines - V6 PMP Exam for 2018
PMP® Certification Preparation and Prioritizing Your Time.
PMP® Certification Preparation by Private Companies Versus College Certificates
PMP® Certification Retraining - SmartPath LLC Loyalty Program - Select Your Days - Live Video Conference Training
PMP® Certification Success - Taking the Plunge - You can do it SmartPath LLC trainees!
PMP® Certification Training - Other Smart Benefits for classes in DC, Detroit-Troy-MI, Seattle, or Online
PMP® Certification Training - SmartPath LLC Articles - General marketing snippets
PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep 100% Live Online,
Federal Government
with Exam Prep, Federal Government Agencies Only. No Exam Included.

PMP® Certification Training with Exam Prep Plus, 100% Live Online
(Includes One Exam),
- US Federal Government Agencies

PMP® Certification Weekends - Why SmartPath LLC offers weekend training? Keeps money in your pocket
PMP® Certification with Exam Prep - Special Evenings in DC or 100% Live Online
PMP® Certification Roadmap - How You Learn at SmartPath LLC
PMP® Exam Using Your Checklist & Final Review
PMP® Exam Certification Learning After Class for SmartPath LLC Trainees
PMP® Exam Prep - Creative Ways to Collect Requirements
PMP® Exam Prep - How to Create WBS
PMP® Exam Prep - Overview of the Roles of a Project Manager
PMP® Exam Prep, The Importance Of Quality Assurance
PMP® Exam Preparation - Flexibility is available
PMP® Exam Preparation - Pitfalls You Can Avoid
PMP® Exam Preparation - What SmartPath LLC does for you at no Extra Charge?
PMP® Exam Preparation, PMI membership and Exam Fees
PMP® Exam Preparation, Your PMP Exam Application
PMP® Exam Warm Up Practice
PMP® PDU Training,
100% Live Online

PMP® Training - Government Purchase Options With or Without the Exam
PMP® Training Re-sitting and Finding Exam Seats, Scheduling and more at Pearson Vue Test Centers
PMP® Transition Review - No longer available for V5.2 to V6 Transition
PMP® Weekends Training so you Don't lose money by not working weekdays
pmWorkbook and pmWorkflows - Description
Power BI Kanban

Practicing Earned Value Management - Washington DC or Live Online
Practicing Portfolio Management, 100% Live Online
Practicing Risk Management - This class will prepare you for the PMI® Risk Management certification if you take all 2 days
Premium 3 Hour PMP® Certification
Fast Track Exam Review Prep

Product Catalog
Professional in Business Analysis,
PMI-PBA Certification Group
Call 360-584-8614 to schedule an
onsite training for your group. The PMI-PBA exam is not included

Professional in Business Analysis,
PMI-PBA Certification Plus Package,
Fed Govt Pricing, 100% Live Online
Click on the down arrow for classes.
One exam included.

Professional in Business Analysis,
US Federal Government Prices
100% Live Online.
Click on the down arrow for classes.
Exam not included.


Scheduling Cert

Program and Projects Alignment
Program Management Articles
Program Management Cert Roadmap to Completion
Program Management Exam & Details and Other Info
Program Management Experience and Project Management Experience Needed
Program Management Professional(R)
Certification With Exam Prep,
100% Live Online.
The exam is not included.

Program Management Review Panel
Prep for Executives, One-on-One

Program Management Training
Program Management Training -
Facilities Program Management

Program Management Training
- Creating an Organizational
Program Roadmap

Program Mgmt

Project / Program Management
Maturity Model

Project Collaboration
Project Lifecycle Leadership -100% Live Online
Project Management - Project Assessment
Project Management Certification Training - Join SmartPath LLC - You'll be glad you did
Project Management Competency
Building, 100% Live Online

Project Management Competency Building
Project Management for Credentialed Project Manager Professionals Only, 100% Live Online
Project Management Fundamentals from Basics to Advanced, 5 Days
Project Management Fundamentals
for PM Excellence

Project Management Knowledge
Project Management Math for Project Leaders
Project Management Math Quiz
Project Management PDUs - Improve your Knowledge & Cognitive Skills & Update Your Knowledge
Project Management PMP Exam Topics - Helpful PMP Exam Tidbits
Project Management PMP® Training through Process Driven Sequencing
Project Management Skills Training
Project Management Training - Earned Value Management Challenges
Project Management Training - Intuitive Communication Expectations
Project Management Training - The Importance of Using Earned Value Management (EVM) as a Crucial Part of Project Management
Project Management Training - What is Risk Management?
Project Management Training Certification Prep uses the best method for PM Skillset training
Project Management Training in DC, PMP® Cert, PMI-PBA® Cert, PMI-ACP® Certification
Project Management training not available right now
Project Management Training, Creating Templates and Forms
Project Management Training, PMP(R) Certification for Exam Approval
Project Management Training, PMP® PDUs
Project Management, Agile, Business Analysis & BI Articles- Free Reading
Project Management, PMP® Training - Understanding the Ring of Fire
Project Manager Job Security and the New Political Environment
Proven Methods of Quiz Practice
Reaching SmartPath LLC
Read these PMP® Certification Prep Articles
Refresher For Prior
SmartPath LLC's PMP Certification Trainees ONLY
Transition to the new PMP Exam - The PMP Exam is not included

Related Links
Requirements Management
Requirements Management - Another Important Certification for Project Managers
Retraining for Former SmartPath LLC's PMP Boot Camp Trainees
Sending New Materials - cost of postage
Service Oriented Architecture Articles
Seven Top Qualities of an Exceptional Project Manager
SharePoint End User Training for Project Managers
- Class III

SharePoint End User Training,
Beginner to Intermediate - Class I

SharePoint End User, Intermediate Training - Class II
SharePoint Workflow End User Training - Intermediate
SharePoint(R) 2016 End User
Training for Project Managers,
Class III

SharePoint(R) 2016 End User, Intermediate Training - Class II
SharePoint® 2013 to 2016 End User Workflow Training in DC, or Belleveue-Seattle (Intermediate) - Instructor Led Training
Short-Term Engagements
Short-Term Engagements
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
Training, 100% Live Online.
Guaranteed to run
at the time of purchase

Six Sigma for Executives Class in Troy/Detroit Area MI, or Bellevue/Seattle Area WA
Six Sigma Testimonials
Six Sigma Testimonials & Details
Six Sigma Training Benefits
Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification
Training (includes Lean)
100% Live Online
Using Your Computer

Six Sigma
Cert Preps

SmartPath LLC's PMP Training Advantages, DC, Bellevue-Seattle
SmartPath LLC's PMP® Certification Training, Customers from all Industries because PMP Training is Generic
SmartPath LLC's PMP® Course Development
SmartPath LLC's Training - PMP® Certification FAQ
Special Customer Training Purchase Links
Special Order 104
Special Payment link for Trainees with Voucher Shortages
Special Payments
Special Payments, PayPal, Other
Stakeholder Engagement Management
Statistical Preparatory Math for Six Sigma Certification Training
Strategic & Business Skills
Structured Learning Packages Packages For SmartPath LLC's PMP® Boot Camp Trainees Who Still Need to Take the PMP Exam
Take the SmartPath LLC's PMP® Prep Course and Get the Coaches
Team Management Skills Training, Self-Led Teams
TEST Purchase for website testing
Testimonials for the Overview of Project Management Foundations
Thank You
The Current PMI-ACP® Agile Exam Change Started July 15 - 2015
The Current PMP® Exam, Version 6, Started 3-26-18
The Difference in Learning for Power BI-I and Power BI-II
The Effectiveness of Practicing Program Management
The Importance of Quality Training
The New PMP Exam has been postponed until Jan 2 - 2021 - You can take the current PMP exam until 12-31-2020. You can now take your PMP Exam Online.
The Project Management Profession
The Project Manager and Emotional Intelligence
This is a PMP® Certification Fast Track Exam Review Add-on
Time Saving PMP® PDU Training through Live Video Conference
Trainers & Consultants
Loyalty, Other

Twitter Timeline
Use this form to send PDU requests or just email us
Useful Project Management Information
VA SkillSource Available Classes
Ways for SmartPath LLC's PMP Trainees to Prepare for the V6 2018 PMP Exam Change
Ways To Pay & Register When You Have Other Requirements
Weekend PMP® Training, 4 Day PMP Boot Camp Classes - We will toughen you up
What "Call First" Means after a Menu Class Date is listed?
What Are The Advantages of Taking SmartPath LLC PMP® Training?
What drives passing in any PMP® Exam
What if SmartPath LLC's system will not accept your credit card?
What is Data Loss Prevention? (DLP) [Article]
What is EA based SOA Implementation?
What SmartPath LLC Provides that Many Companies May Not
What to Review again before taking your exam - For the New PMP Exam Coming in Q1 2018
When does a SmartPath LLC class become Guaranteed-To-Run?
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Why Project Management?
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WIOA Training for Northern VA in Washington DC
WIOA Training, WorkSource, WA or WorkForce VA, Michigan Works
WorkSource/Career Bridge, WA WIOA Training
You want to become
PMP(R) certified in about 10-30 days

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